SPRSUN has a very excellent R&D team, parts of them are the people who enter heat pump field earliest in China. SPRSUN

                      has advanced  simulation laboratory, automatic controlling and PID adjusting system, advanced detection device. Engineers

                      can detect not only all machines in workshop but also develop new products by advanced professional software.

                             In recent years, SPRSUN's trinity heat pump (heating, cooling, and hot water), low weather heat pump utilize advanced

                      technology. Our products supplied more comfortable indoor condition and hot water demand for users, and suitable for worse

                      weather condition. And we brought in EVI technology, this technology can let heat pump work under -25C, outlet water temperature

                      can reach 65C, COP can reach 3.8 and defrost fast.

                            Recently, along with Chinese heat pump widespread use in Chinese market and international market, heat pump technology

                      innovation, products R&D has been a very important topic in many countries and heat pump enterprises. SPRSUN believe, heat pump

                      will enter each family, and heat pump will be used in more fields except current hot water, air conditioner, drying, dehumidifying and

                      so on usages.